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Growing the strelitzia, or bird of paradise flower, can be very frustrating to one who knows little about the plant. Namely for one major reason: the strelitzia does not produce flowers until it is around four or five years old. This is why many people tend to instead buy the plants from nurseries, rather than try to grow them from scratch. Though, if impatience is not a problem in your case, it can be done. Some great tips to start out with, are the issues of watering. Through the warmer seasons, strelitzia needs need have constant moisture in the soil, however, in fall and winter, the soil should be allowed to dry out, as it would naturally in those seasons. Also, if you live in Utah, or other norther areas, and plan to plant a strelitzia outdoors, don't do it. Cold temperatures will kill your plant in the winter. It's best to keep your baby bird of paradise indoors if you live in colder climates. Your strelitzia also needs to be fed bi-weekly during the spring and summer months, but only once a month, during fall and winter. Your strelitzia also need plenty of sunlight, as well, and while the plant is still new to your home, begin watering it on a strict schedule. Once the schedule is established, root growth will be fully matured. Then you can relax a little with the watering, but be sure to keep everything moist, all the same.


Anthuriums are a wide varying species of plant. Currently there are almost a thousand known species of anthurium, however, it's been speculated that several new species are found every year. Anthuriums exist in many tropical climates, and are especially popular in Hawaii. However, of the few places where anthuriums are not cultivated, Asia is the main area where anthuriums have barely been introduced. Neither do the plants grow well there. One of the most popular anthuriums is the Flamingo Lily. It consists of usually a bright pink spathe, which is sometimes considered to be a flower, though it is actually more of a leaf, and then a large protruding spadix. The spadix can be one or more of any multitude of colours. The combination is particularly beautiful, and resembles a flamingo's bright plumage. The several different species of anthurium that produce blooms or brightly coloured spathes, are usually bred into hybrid species, to make a more colourful variety. The blooming anthuriums are popular as interior decorating and house plants, because of their vivid colours and preferred growth in shade. The hybrid blooms are also popular in bouquets, and tropical floral arrangements. The anthurium is also know as the Painted Tongue, or Tail Flower. The name "Tail Flower" comes from the Greek word; anthurium literally means "tail flower".

Growing Anthuriums

One of the great things about growing anthuriums is that they can grow in a very wide range of soils, from the sandy to heavier clay soils, although clay is still not the best environment for your anthuriums, and to ensure the best growth, lean toward soils with less clay. When anthuriums are planted, they have to be staked so that the plant has plenty of support when it starts to grow. Anthuriums require soil with excellent drainage, otherwise the roots will rot, as will the stems. Anthuriums do especially well in soils that are highly organic, such as being composed of mulched, semi-rotted wood, and coconut husks. Anthuriums also require a lot of light, although not direct sunlight, and removing dead leaves are a must for plant health. The anthurium is also not a plant that handle drought well, but it is also important not to over-water the plant. In the winter, anthuriums require a short period of rest at a temperature of around 15 degrees Celsius, with much less water. This ensures the propagation of many blooms in the warmer season. The rest period should last around six weeks.


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